Juice Plus+/Tower Garden


Juice Plus+ Whole Food Nutrition includes 30 fruits, vegetables and berries that are vine ripened, juiced and dried at a low temperature (preserving nutrients) and then placed in a capsule or a chew.  Juice Plus+ is one of the most researched whole food supplement; independent 3rd party clinical (gold standard) research studies show that it has bioavailabilty, protects DNA, reduces oxidative stress and systemic inflammation (2 main causes of disease, illness and ailments in the body),improves periodontal health, improves skin health, supports a healthy immune system, improves cardiovascular health, and so much more.

For more information, please see the below websites or contact Melanie Schmidt at 515-371-3463/ Melanie@Food4Thoughtdm.com


The Tower Garden is a Vertical Aeroponic Growing System that allows you to grow your own organic produce (indoors or outdoors) all year long  and save money!


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