Prenatal and Postpartum Consultations

Are you experiencing cravings, aversions, challenged with consuming enough healthy foods,  or would like additional health and wellness support from a prenatal or postpartum perspective?

As a mom of 3 small children, I know and understand that pregnancy and postpartum can be a challenging time to sustain your health while growing a beautiful baby (inside and outside of the womb). Each one of us has a unique body and experiences different food aversions, food cravings and challenges. In addition, pregnancy naturally slows down our digestion; ultimately impacting  how we feel and our overall regularity; which is a key component for absorbing nutrients, removing toxins and our overall health and wellness.


In order to have as positive and healthy pregnancy, natural birth and healthy postpartum experience as possible, we need to support our bodies and our minds with the appropriate tools. One tool is food. How and what we eat directly impacts our emotional health along with our physical health. I connect with clients on an individualized basis, meaning, I support and guide each woman based upon where she is at…challenges, dietary theory beliefs, emotional needs, and health goals.

All prenatal and postpartum clients receive exclusive access to a private Facebook Group for ongoing support and a community of moms.

Prenatal and Postpartum Health Coaching is unique to you!
It will empower and help you be healthy, experience more calm and joy. I can support you to :
•Eat well
*Get a better understanding what foods can support a more stabilized blood sugar level
*Key types of food that are critical and essential to baby brain development and a strong immune system
*Find exercise you enjoy
•Increase positive and grateful feelings
•Experience more empowering birth
*Positively navigate new motherhood (releasing unrealistic expectations that can cause stress, etc)
•Enjoy strong relationships and finding community
•Increase calm and self confidence and knowing

For more information, a one time 1 hour phone consultation or multiple phone consultations, please call or email Melanie.

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