T-30 Program



The T-30 Program is an easy, whole food plan that allows you to incorporate 2 whole food healthy shakes a day along with learning how to eat clean (snacks and meals) during the program timeframe. The Complete Whole Food Drink by The Juice Plus+ Company is not a meal replacement, it is considered closer to a meal because it is whole foods.  This is a plan with an “exit strategy”….meaning you learn a lifestyle change and your body consumes only whole

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T-30 Program

  • Two Complete shakes each day, 1 clean (whole food) meal, whole food snacks, and Juice Plus+ Trio      
  • Drink Water (2-3 liters/day to ensure your urine is clear)
  • Exercise 30-60 minutes 4 times per week
  • Zero Wheat
  • Zero Dairy
  • Sleep (at least 8 hours)
  • Assist (Eat last meal by 6:00pm to rest and digest)
  • Breathing Exercises (reduce stress)
  • Balance (Increase whole foods to meet caloric needs of athletes)

*Receive Complete in Vanilla, Chocolate or as a Variety pack

*Receive Whole Food Snack Ideas and Whole Food Recipes


*Weekly transformational calls

*Facebook Group Community

*Voxer application (on Smart Phones) support

Overview of the Juice Plus+ T-30 Program:


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(you will need the Garden, Orchard and Vineyard Blend Capsules OR Chews along with an order of the Complete Drink Mix..Vanilla, Chocolate or Combo)

Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance: One Complete shake a day or every other

Ask Melanie for details and how you can get your Transform30 Program partially or fully paid for!